Newington, Connecticut 
Newington Republican Town Committee


  • 06/24/2014
  • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Town Hall - Town Council Room - L101


This under publicized PUBLIC HEARING is your opportunity to ask the serious questions about this $30 million dollar NEW BUILDING FOR PARKS AND REC AND THE RENOVATION OF THE TOWN HALL project. 

Some of the hard questions that need to be asked, such as:
  • Loss of fields/park space in Mill Pond Park, where will those children play?,
  • What are the subsequent projects connected to this major project?,
  • How is the cost not going to increase your taxes over the next 20 years?,
  • Is the new building going to last 20 years?,
  • Why is the contingency dollars of the project lowered when the building is so old, has contaminants such as PCBs and asbestos that must be remediated?,
  • What are the increase operating costs of an additional building?,
  • Why is the referendum tentatively scheduled for the middle of August at a cost to the tax payers of approximately $16,000?, 
  • How does this project fit into the 2020 Plan passed barely 4 years ago - see page 39? ,
  • Why is the "entire campus" NOT taken into effect?
  • Why is there only one public hearing WITH LESS THAN TWO WEEKS NOTICE? 
These questions barely scratch the surface and we are sure you have more.  The meeting is scheduled for the Town Council Room that has very little space to take in the people that will ask these questions. This meeting may be moved to the auditorium.

You can watch the Town Council meeting that was held on June 10th that passed the spending of $30 million dollars by clicking here .

Please come and speak up -bring everyone you know.  Suggest to have the Town Council schedule another meeting so the taxpayers of Newington can be better informed.

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