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Newington Republican Town Committee Statement on Democratic Mayoral Candidate

10/17/2017 10:01 AM | Max Turgeon (Administrator)

Winston Churchill once said, “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” This lesson must be kept at the forefront for this municipal election in Newington. Democratic candidate for Mayor and Malloy appointee Terry Borjeson had to resign his spot as majority leader of the Town Council in 2015. This happened because Mr. Borjeson misled the people of Newington. Mr. Borjeson testified in favor of bill HB 6851 in 2015, that would have made Newington lose its zoning rights to the state within a half mile of CTfastrak stations. He gave the impression that he was speaking on behalf of the Newington Town Council. Fellow councilors were not aware that Mr. Borjeson was doing this. Thus, he lost his majority leader spot as well as his seat on the Democratic ticket as he was not re-nominated for the 2015 election.

Why would a man who wanted to surrender local control to his buddy Governor Malloy, now want to lead the town? How can a man who misled his fellow town councilors and constituents, be trusted to act with integrity again?

According to an April 29th, 2015 article in the Hartford Courant, former Democratic Town Councilor Chris Banach asked, “You can only wonder, what is the purpose of this? What is it they are after? Why does it suddenly need to be under their purview? Why would we give up our legally constituted right to develop and cede it to them?” We agree with Councilor Banach. How could Mr. Borjeson support something so blatantly bad for Newington. Could it have to do with his appointment to the State Pardons and Parole Board from Governor Malloy?

Let us not repeat the mistakes of the past. Newington cannot afford Terry Borjeson involved in Town Government. Remember, a vote for Mr. Borjeson, is almost quite literally a vote for Governor Malloy.

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